CGTT S-G calls for respecting trade union freedom

Secretary-General of the Tunisian General Confederation of Trade Unions (CGTT), Habib Guiza, on Monday stressed the importance of respecting the freedom of trade union activity and trade union pluralism, which are considered a pillar of the renewal process of the trade union movement, in accordance with national and international labour law.

In a statement to TAP on the sidelines of a union rally organised by the CGTT in Sousse to celebrate Labour Day, Guiza called for an end to the trade union monopoly and for the right of the working class to freely join a trade union without restriction or instruction to be guaranteed.

The CGTT is proposing a national initiative for a “better Tunisia”, which would provide an opportunity for joint work with the various trade union organisations, Guiza added.

This initiative is committed to respecting general and individual freedoms and to building a sustainable and fair development process, while respecting national sovereignty, he said.

Guiza recalled that this citizens’ initiative is an independent proposition force, open to all those who embrace its objectives and challenges, among national personalities and civil society organisations without exception. He called on the political authorities to respond positively to this national initiative in order to achieve its objectives.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse