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Straight-Talking Fauci Explains Outbreak to a Worried Nation

If Dr. Anthony Fauci says it, you’d be smart to listen. As the coronavirus has upended daily life across the globe, Fauci has become the trusted voice in separating fact and fiction.

The fear and

UN Agency: Over 400 Migrants Intercepted off Libya Coast

CAIRO, EGYPT – Libya’s coast guard intercepted over 400 Europe-bound migrants off the country’s Mediterranean coast and returned them to the capital of Tripoli over the past 24 hours, the U.N. migration agency said Sunday.

Sudan Will Mediate Egypt-Ethiopia Dam Dispute, General Says

A top Sudanese general on Sunday said his country would mediate a deal on an escalating dispute between Ethiopia and Egypt over Ethiopia’s controversial dam on the Nile River.

The deputy head of Sudan’s Sovereign

Malawi Activists Arrested for Plan to Shut Down State Residences

BLANTYRE – Malawi police have arrested two activists with the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) for their role in a planned sit-in to shut down state residences. The demonstration aimed to pressure President Peter Mutharika

Analysts: Kenya-Somalia Border Violence Threatens Regional Security

NAIROBI – In the past week, one Kenyan died and 12 others were wounded in when two rival military factions from Somalia fought in Kenyan territory. Locals say the Jubbaland militia had crossed into Kenya

EU Outlines New Africa Strategy

PARIS – The European Union outlined Monday a new partnership with Africa that seeks to build a more equal relationship between the two sides.

The strategy is still in the bare-bones stage. Many details still

Satellite detected waters extents, between 1st and the 05th March 2020 over Central, Luapula, Muchinga and Northern Province, Republic of Zambia – Imagery analysis: 01-05 march 2020 | Published 6 March 2020 | Version 1.0

This map illustrates satellite-detected water via VIIRS-NOAA over Central, Luapula, Muchinga and Northern Province in Republic of Zambia between the 1st and the 05th March 2020. Within the analysed extent not covered by clouds, a

South Africa in Recession, Figures Show

JOHANNESBURG The official announcement that South Africa is in recession only confirmed what many South Africans, beset by high unemployment and unreliable electricity, already knew: The economy is flagging.

This week, the nation’s statistical agency …

Algeria Marks One-year Anniversary of Anti-government Protests

PARIS – Algeria is marking the one-year anniversary this week of its massive popular uprising pretty much the way it started with more street protests and a sense that demands for fundamental political change remain …