YOUR TRUSTED RESOURCE FOR REAL-TIME, UNBIASED PMTA STATUS UPDATES Miami, FLA, Jan. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PMTA Verified releases their Unverified List, uncovering e-liquid and device Brand Owners and Manufacturers who have made statements regarding PMTA Submission(s), but have neglected to provide proof to PMTA Verified in the form of a signed Acceptance Letter from the FDA. It has been […]

OSRAM Assina Contrato de Fornecimento e Comercial com a LeddarTech para LiDAR e ADAS Automotivo

Plataforma PERCEPT™ LiDAR da OSRAM QUEBEC CITY e MUNIQUE, Alemanha, Jan. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A LeddarTech®, líder global em tecnologia de detecção ADAS e AD Nível 1-5, e a OSRAM, líder global em sistemas de iluminação e laser automotivos, têm o prazer de anunciar que firmaram um acordo de longo prazo. A LeddarTech fornecerá […]

Nine African nations, Iran in debt to UN lose voting rights

UNITED NATIONS, Jan 20 (NNN-AFRICANEWS) — UN Secretary-general Antonio Guterres said nine African nations and Iran should lose their voting rights as required under the UN Charter after defaulting on payment of their dues to the United Nations’ operating budget. Guterres listed the minimum amount that the 10 countries need to pay to have their

Covid-19: High demand for vaccines puts Africa on the back burner

ADDIS ABABA, Jan 20 (NNN-AGENCIES) — As the African Union (AU) announced this past week that it had secured 270 million doses of Covid vaccines, East Africans will have to wait a bit longer to access the required quantities. While the announcement provides relief as countries may soon access the much-needed vaccines for frontline workers,

Covid-19: Africa’s cases surpass 3.2m – Africa CDC

ADDIS ABABA, COVID-19 cases in Africa have reached 3.26 million as of Jan 18, the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) said. According to the continental disease control and prevention agency’s Africa Covid-19 dashboard, the death toll from the pandemic stood at 78,911 on Monday, with 2.6 million recoveries. The southern African

Swiss government outlines strategic foreign policy for Africa

ACCRA, Jan 20 (NNN-GNA) — The Government of Switzerland says it will prioritise and promote issues of peace, security and human rights as strategic foreign policy in Sub-Saharan Africa over the next four years (2021-2024). It has also identified the issues of migration, prosperity, sustainability and digitalization as core elements of the Swiss Government’s foreign

Growing Swarms of Locust Converging on Kenya Threaten Crops

Kenya is under siege again by swarms of maturing desert locusts that threaten to ruin farmers’ crops and pastures. The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said in a statement the locusts are swarming across seven counties, nearly double the number of counties impacted a week ago. The latest locust invasion in Kenya comes as

Death Toll Rises From West Darfur Fighting

WASHINGTON – The death toll in West Darfur state climbed to 159 Tuesday, with more than 200 people injured after more than three days of fighting between different ethnic communities, according to the Committee of West Darfur Doctors. The committee says the violence began Friday when a member of the African Masalit tribe killed a

Migration Response Centres (MRCs) East and Horn of Africa (01 January – 31 December 2020)

A total of 863 migrants were registered at MRCs across the region in December, an almost 20% decrease compared to November. This brings the total registrations in 2020 to 8,107 migrants. Only three out of seven MRCs recorded registrations in December. Most migrants were registered in Obock (639), followed by Hargeisa (123) and Bossaso (101).