Zaghouan: More than 80,000 quintals of grain collected (CRDA)

Zaghouan: The grain campaign in Zaghouan governorate, which began in May 27, continues under optimum conditions, with more than 82,000 quintals of grain collected.

Faycel Gataa, local agricultural development delegate told TAP 60% of the total area sown to grazin had been harvested.

The quantities of grain collected were spread over 9 collection centres with a storage capacity of around 700,000 quintals, including 51,900 quintals of barley, 462 quintals of common wheat and 530 quintals of triticale.

He pointed out that the area of good and medium quality grain is estimated at around around 38,500 hectares, out of a total of 62,000 hectares sown.

Good production is the result of irrigated grain areas of about 1,400 hectares, located mainly in the Nadhour and El Fahs delegations.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse