Vacancies in judiciary at heart of meeting between Head of State and Justice Minister

Vacant judicial posts in some courts and ways to fill them as a matter of urgency were discussed at a meeting between President Kais Saied and Justice Minister, Leila Jeffal Tuesday at the Carthage Palace. President Saied was quoted in a Presidency statement as reiterating his commitment to respecting the independence of the judiciary and the role of judges. He emphasised the need to bring to justice those who have committed crimes against the people, plundered their wealth and continue to sow discord and exacerbate social tensions. “Just as we do not want anyone to be harmed, we do not want those who have committed irreparable wrongs against the people to continue to enjoy impunity and escape accountability.» President Saied underlined. The meeting also discussed the draft law to amend Article 411 of the Commercial Code, according to the statement. That bill is part of a perspective of “reconciliation between the interests of creditors and the rights of persons detained for crime of bounced cheques.”

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse