SSNIT takes Customer Service Week to Tumu

The Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) has ended a week-long customer service week in Tumu aimed at registering new clients, and members to check and update their data.

The weeklong activity dubbed, customer clinic was part of an outreach by SSNIT, which already works every three days a month in the Sissala East.

It got patrons from Gwollu, Welembelle, Nabulo, and other communities who took advantage of the outreach to update their details with SSNIT.

Mr Michael Kingsley Kormey, the Upper West Regional Manager of SSNIT, indicated that ‘The SSNIT started this week-long customer services where we made our presence felt in the area, where services that are provided was brought to the doorstep of the people, where the office and officers had, one on one issues explained whilst many also found out what they did not know about the scheme.’

Mr Kormey appealed to government employees to endeavour to always pass by to check their statements to see if the government was paying their pension regul

It was also an opportunity for the public to change or update their nominees list.

For pensioners, the Regional Manager said, ‘Those who?don’t know why their pension was not coming got to know why, whilst some of them with Live Certificate issues were resolved.’

He advised petty traders to sign up under the Self-Employed Enrolment Drive (SEED) where self-employed persons join and access the benefits of the scheme.

He encouraged traders, musicians, drivers, mechanics, masons, and farmers to register freely and could start with as low as GHS60.00 a month.

Mr Collins Opoku, Operations and Monitoring Manager, Tamale Area, said the breakdown of the extended family system in Ghana was the more reason everyone should join SSNIT to avoid falling into destitution during old age.

Madam Fauzia Munkaila, Area Corporate Affairs Representative, Tamale in an interview with the GNA, said, ‘Women should take the step to register so that they don’t become a burden on their children at old age’.

Source: Ghana New
s Agency