The Ghana Baptist Convention (GBC) has inducted Reverend Washington Komla Darke as the new Senior Pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church in Accra.

Rev. Darke replaces Rev. Dr. Fred P. Deegbe, the immediate past Senior Pastor of the Mega Church.

Rev. Darke originally took office in 2023 as the Senior Pastor Elect of the Calvary Baptist Church but underwent a year’s mentorship under the Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Fred Deegbe.

During the mentorship period, Rev. Darke was assigned the responsibility of leading and supervising key assignments including the Development of a long-term (2024 – 2033) Vision Statement for the Church, which provided a broad guide for the development of the Medium-Term Strategic Framework for the Church.

He also ensured the development of the Medium -Term Strategic Framework for the Church covering the period 2024 to 2028; and also Developed an enhanced Quarterly Progress Report Format for the monitoring and evaluation of activities outlined in the Strategic Framework.

In a short sermon a
t the Induction Service held at the Calvary Baptist Church Auditorium, Rev Dr. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi, former Executive President of the Ghana Baptist Convention reminded Rev. Washington Darke of his responsibility as the head shepherd of God’s sheep.

He also reminded him that the house of God (Calvary Baptist Church) was not only a place of worship, but also a place of refuge for all those looking for salvation or seeking the help of God.

Rev. Dr. Adu-Gyamfi appealed to the leaders of the Church to operate a people friendly church and make it a place where souls are safe and protected.

‘The church is supposed to be a refuge for unbelievers and all believers, a place where murderers can even run to and find salvation. There are many souls that are being lost and need to be led to Christ Jesus’.

Rev Dr. Adu-Gyamfi called on the Church leaders to support the administration of Rev. Washington Darke and ensure his succeess.

He entreated the Church members, which he described as a ‘Mega Church’ to raise more minis
ters and workers of God.

Rev. Washington Komla Darke was inducted into office by Rev. Dr. Fred P. Deegbe, the outgoing Senior Pastor of the Church who led him to take the oaths of office and secrecy.

He also handed over to him, the symbol of office, official bible, copy of GBC constitution and the official minister’s rope.

In a short remark, Rev. Dr. Deegbe expressed his profound appreciation to the Ghana Baptist Convention and the congregation of Calvary Baptist Church for working closely with him throughout his tenure.

He urged the Church to extend the same cooperation and support they accorded him to his successor.

Rev. Dr. Deegbe expressed his readiness to play any role or give any assistance required of him by the church or the new Senior Pastor.

On his part, Rev. Washington Komla Darke, the new Senior Pastor of the Church applauded the good leadership of his predecessor who served the convention for over 30 years.

He said that even though he knows that the shoe size of his predecessor is very hug
e, he needs the help of Christ to grow in it, and would graciously serve the church humbly and diligently to the glory of God.

According to him, he would continue to build on the good foundations of his predecessor, and also ensure that the vision and mission of the church remained supreme and would not be changed in his tenure.

The current operational vision of the Church quotes: ‘A vibrant congregation impacting the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ’ and its mission quotes: ‘To exalt God in worship, grow towards Christian maturity and reach out to the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ’.

Rev. Darke revealed that his administration would introduce some core principles – Alertness, Compassion, Thoroughness and Initiatives and Diligence to guide the church in the discharge of their duties.

This, he said, is where the Church would be very aware of its environment and provide the appropriate responses; invest in people and provide care to them; avoid practices that diminish effectiveness and efficienc
y; act proactively with due regard to church leadership; and to complete tasks assigned for the glory of God.

As its long-term goals in the next 10 years, the Calvary Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. Washington Komla Darke would focus on four thematic areas including; Evangelism, Missions and Spiritual Growth; Christian Education; Mentorship and Empowerment; Governance and Infrastructural Development as well as Financial Sustainability for Growth.

The Executive President of the Ghana Baptist Convention, Rev. Enoch Nii Narh Thompson who graced the occasion encourage Rev. Washington Komla Darke to remain focus, committed and loyal to the Church, the Convention and most importantly the Lord Jesus Christ.

He expressed confidence in his ability and anointing to lead such huge congregation.

Source: Ghana News Agency