Regional Council of Beja governorate set up Saturday

The Regional Council of Beja governorate has been set up on Saturday through sortition, including 9 members representing each of the local councils of the governorate.

The composition of the regional council is as follows:

– Nabil Hosni, member of the South Beja local council.

– Salem Ben Hammadi Mekni, member of the North Beja local council.

-Kamel ben Youssef Mejri, member of the Téboursouk local council.

-Badreddine Ben Fayçel Hammami, member of Testour local council.

-Jalel Kouki, member of Thibar local council.

– Riadh Ben Mohamed Melki, member of Amdoun local council.

-Othmen Riahi, member of Goubellat local council.

-Mohamed Ben Fraj Hannechi, member of Medjez El Bab local council.

-Aymen Dallai, member of Nefza local council.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse