Need for stakeholder collaboration to promote quality education – Dr Adinkra-Darko

Dr Edmund Adinkra-Darko, Research Officer, Public Utilities Workers’ Union of TUC-Ghana, has called for active collaboration in the educational sector to promote equitable access to quality education in the country.

He expressed concerns about challenges including poor and inadequate infrastructure, a shortage of qualified teachers, and inadequate textbooks, among others, which hindered the nation’s progress and development.

Dr Adinkra-Darko made the call at the 2nd quadrennial National Delegates Conference of TEWU Youth in Kasoa.

The conference is on the theme: ‘Fostering Partnership for Equitable Education Delivery in Ghana: The Role of TEWU Youth.’

The youth, he said, had the energy, passion, knowledge, and power to achieve the desired changes in the education sector when these attributes were properly harnessed.

That, he stressed, was imperative because the youth remained an indispensable group to partner with for equitable education delivery in the county.

He called for a conscious effort to build
the capacity of TEWU youth to be effective agents of change in the education sector.

‘Training programmes, workshops, conferences, and mentorship opportunities are key to equipping TEWU youth with the requisite skills, knowledge, and capabilities to seek the desired change in the education sector,’ he said.

He urged them to identify all potential entities for partnerships to improve education delivery in the country.

Dr Adinkra-Darko advised the youth to ensure fairness in all their dealings with their members and other stakeholders and also foster unity to propel them for success.

Mr Mark Dankyira Korankye, the General Secretary of TEWU-TUC Ghana, said when the youth were involved in all activities, it ended with success.

‘I have much hope for the future of the Union because of their exuberance. There are many potentials among them, and I am happy for the future of the Union,’ he said.

He called on authorities to ensure equal access to quality education and address gender barriers that affected girl ch
ild education.

He advised the youth to embrace technology and leverage its gains to advance knowledge for sustainable development.

Mr Ambrose Yao Kwadzodza, National Chairman, TEWU-TUC Ghana, assured the youth of the leadership support to develop their potential to take up the future mantle.

He urged them to work hard, interconnect with each other, and share ideas for best practices to improve the Union.

Mr Isaac H.B. Armah Jnr., Chairman of the TEWU Youth Committee of TUC-Ghana, said the theme demonstrated that the youth were poised and positioned to contribute their quota to the education delivery in the country.

He, among others, enumerated the achievements of the Union like the development of a constitution, the successful organisation of the first-ever or maiden Regional Youth Conferences and youth representation in the TUC Youth Council.

Source: Ghana News Agency