Concerned football fans embark on demo over decline of Ghana football success

Hundreds of Ghanaian football fans are embarking a demonstration to express their displeasure over the decline in the achievements of the national teams.

The protestors, who started their march at the Obra Spot are also seeking reforms towards reviving the game, which is the passion of the nation.

A group of sports journalists are the organisers.

The ‘Save Ghana Football Demo’, as it is dubbed, was triggered by the poor performance of the senior national team, the Black Stars, at the just-ended 2023 Africa Cup of Nations.

Some of the protestors carried placards with inscriptions: ‘Decline in our juvenile football- Sika Di Basabasa,’ ‘Lack of Vision,’ Our Domestic League has collapsed’, among others

There is heavy security accompanying demonstrators as they walk through the principal streets of Accra to present a proposal of football reforms to the Sports Authorities.

Source: Ghana News Agency