BCT undertakes to continue banking sector reform process (Fethi Nouri)

Governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) Fethi Zouhair Nouri on Friday affirmed the issuing institution’s commitment to continuing the banking sector reform process and the gradual and concerted approach with the profession for its implementation, to ensure the conditions of financial stability and adequate financing of the Tunisian economy.

Chairing a meeting with senior bank executives, Nouri commended the banking sector reforms undertaken in recent years and the banks’ commitment to all these reforms, which has helped consolidate the sector’s financial solidity and resilience in the face of shocks.

He also urged the Banking and Finance Council (CBF) to fully fulfil its mission, which is “to rally all its members around the orientations of the authorities and to be a real source of proposals.”

The Tunisian economy is confronted with major challenges, but there are also opportunities to be seized, he said, calling on banks to redouble their efforts to make their contribution to economic recovery.

uri pointed out that “it is our duty to consider possible ways to restore the confidence of all economic players, encourage entrepreneurship and support SMEs in these difficult times to ensure their viability.”

For their part, the banks’ senior executives affirmed commitment to supporting the economy at this particular time, reiterating their pledge to comply with the authorities’ guidelines, to foster entrepreneurship and investment, and to show solidarity in tackling the various challenges facing the Tunisian economy.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse