Ariana – Local elections: Candidate in Raoued promises to fight marginalisation of region

Ahlam Chikhaoui, a candidate in the Jaafar-Raoued constituency (Arina governorate), said that her electoral programme is based on combating the marginalisation of the region and its inhabitants, in particular by enshrining the right of young people to work, facilitating credit procedures and providing training for unemployed young people. It also undertook to work on the economic empowerment of women and the creation of a vocational training centre in the Jaafar region.

In the health sector, she promised to provide free health cards to the poor who are not covered by social security and to provide hospitals with the necessary equipment. The candidate also promised to find solutions to reduce pollution in the region and to develop new public spaces and gardens.

In the social, educational and cultural fields, she stressed that she would focus on the construction of a public library in Jaafar, the intensification of activities at the culture and youth house, the fair distribution of social assistance to needy
families and vulnerable groups, and the granting of new licences for public transport.
Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse