Angola needs to produce over 10 million tons of maize

The minister of Agriculture and Forestry, António Francisco de Assis, said Wednesday in the Municipality of Cela, Cuanza-Sul Province, that Angola needs to produce over 10 million tons of maize per year to achieve internal tranquility.

The minister made the statements, while assessing the implementation of the family farming project promoted by group Carrinho in that locality of the country.

“We estimated that, for this harvest, we will be able to produce, at least, in what concerns corn, more than 5 million tons. It is good, but it is not enough for our ambitions. We will only begin to have internal tranquility, when we are able to produce over 10 million tons of corn per year”, said the minister.

The figures provided by the minister clarify an incorrect information published by ANGOP, according to which Angola would stop importing maize this year.

In Cela Municipality, the Carrinho Agri group controls 3,900 families that are producing 4,960 hectares.

The group carries out this activity in six provinces of the country, namely Cuanza Sul, Huíla, Benguela, Bié, Huambo and Malanje.

The amount invested in the project to boost agriculture in the family sector was not disclosed, however the minister said that it has been underway for over a year.

The group Carrinho is represented in 51 municipalities and controls around 58,000 producers and aims to reach an overall 150,000.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)