‘Accountability is a popular demand and there is no room for leniency even for a single dime’ says President Kais Saied

Tunis: Accountability is a popular demand and there is no room for tolerance, not even for a single dime, President Kais Saied stressed during a meeting with the head of the National Committee for Penal Reconciliation, Mechket Slama, at the Carthage Palace on Tuesday.

He added that those who want to prolong the procedures and resort to test after test in order to reduce the value of the sums to be paid will not be given another chance and will have to accept their full responsibility before the judiciary.

The President of the Republic was informed of the progress of the work of this committee following the amendment of the text under which it was created and the appointment of new members.

Kais Saied also reiterated his firm position on the purpose behind the creation of this committee, which is genuine reconciliation based on justice and the recovery of funds looted from the Tunisian people.

He said that those who sincerely seek reconciliation must fulfil their will to return to their activities in «safe
ty, free from any blackmail by any party.» And “those who still believe that they can escape accountability will find no alternative to a just judiciary and will not imagine that falling into the arms of any party at home or abroad will help or support them”.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse