Academic City reaffirms commitment to quality education to meet global needs

Academic City University College has reaffirmed its commitment to providing world-class education in response to the needs of the modern world.

Professor Fred McBagonluri, the President and Provost of the University, said the University was continuing to revolutionise higher education in Africa by developing the next generation of leaders who would make significant contributions to the continent’s growth.

Prof. McBagonluri was speaking at the 7th Matriculation Ceremony of newly admitted students of the University in Accra.

A total of 213 students, comprising nationals from 15 different countries, have enrolled for the 2023/2024 academic year to pursue Academic City’s uniquely designed programmes.

‘From the very beginning, our mission has been to revolutionise higher education in Africa. We are committed to offering the highest quality education possible, whether it’s through online courses, blended learning, or traditional in-person classes,’ he said.

Prof. McBagonluri said it was important to engage act
ively in campus activities, urging the freshmen to do more than just go through school.

He said the University’s educational philosophy embraced and combined entrepreneurship and leadership, making them necessary components of its curriculum and an intrinsic part of students’ prospects.

‘Our commitment to technology and entrepreneurship is exemplified by the Technology and Entrepreneurial Centre, which offers students the opportunity to freely explore their creative ideas and gain practical experience with cutting-edge industry machinery through engaging STEM workshops,’ he added

Prof. Joseph Tufuor Kwarteng, speaking on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast, urged the students to take advantage of extracurricular activities on campus, while pursuing academic excellence, as it was very critical in the higher educational setting.

‘In the dynamic landscape of higher education, setbacks are not stumbling blocks but rather stepping stones toward success. Embrace resilience, foster curi
osity, and fearlessly pose

questions. Each challenge is a unique opportunity for profound learning and personal growth,’ he added.

Prof. Anthony Simon, Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Mines and Technology, expressed the hope that the freshmen would evolve into a distinctive year group, leveraging the impact from Academic City to positively influence society in various ways.

‘Be disciplined and as you study, try to develop problem solving skills and do well to add new concepts to existing knowledge which have the potential to influence the world positively,’ he said.

Source: Ghana News Agency