About Us

The website is the name of the trust of those ones who are into the African region’s news. It brings the domestic and regional happenings into the limelight in the form of news for its many countless online readers. This website is known for its attribute of being unprejudiced while publishing any kind of news from any sector and this attribute of the website is its face and also informs its readers that the website is free from any political influence. Every single news counts regardless of its size and its overall impact on the website. By saying it, we make sure that every domestic news of Zambia is available on our website. The website has the archiving system that helps our readers to find any news easily.

Getting the news website recognized internationally is not the easiest task, but this website has achieved this landmark as we are highly motivated when it comes to share the authentic news on the site. This website has succeeded in getting the trust of its western world’s readers and losing it is not an option for us and that is why on a daily basis, we make sure that our news source is giving us the reliable news that will not put any sort of wrong impact on our website

One of the goals of this news website is to provide the opportunity for different small businesses of the African region to get recognized internationally and influence the unexplored markets of other regions. This we have succeeded to offer is because the trust of other regions’ people on our website when it comes to different kinds of news related to the African region. The platform on this website is the right place for the marketing purposes of any website is it also helps to increase the number of traffic on the website, so avail Zambia Press Release Services and take your business to the next high level.

In order to keep reminding our regular readers that we value their points of views, we encourage them to come up with their own points of views on any news published on our news website and that is we do through being much active on social media websites and allow our readers to interact with us there regarding different news on our website. Our mission of making people come to know about every happening around them can be judged through our services that we offer to our readers, such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds.