1,318 people registered in ongoing limited voter registration in Tema Metro

Mr. Manasseh Ofusuhene Asante, the Tema Metropolitan Electoral Commission (EC) Officer, has said that about 1,318 people have been registered in the ongoing limited voter registration exercise.

Mr. Ofusuhene told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the figure comprised 581 men and 737 women.

He explained that 619 people registered with Ghana cards, while 17 people used their passports.

He added that 682 persons registered through the guarantor system, while 32 persons had some challenges?during the registration.

Mr. Ofosuhene stated that 510 of the men were aged 18 to 21, and 20 were aged 22 to 35 years.

He added that 648 of the women were aged 18 to 21, and 35 of them were aged 22 to 35 years.

He added that while 24 men were aged 36 to 45, six women in the same age bracket also got registered in the first week of the limited voter registration, noting that 11 men were between the ages of 46 and 55, while six women of the same age also got registered.

The EC Officer further disclosed that seven men and tw
o women were aged 56 to 65, as well as seven men and three women aged 66 to 75, with two men and one woman registering at the age of 76 years and above.

Mr. Edwin Parker, a registrant, described the registration exercise as fruitful and expressed the hope that it would end successfully, devoid of any problems.

The GNA observed that security personnel were positioned at various points at the registration centre to make sure the exercise progressed without any challenges.

Source: Ghana News Agency