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UK based Zambian politican Msoni to Head Ken Ngondo’s APC party

United Kingdom based Zambian Political Activist Nason Msoni has been elected as president of opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party. Mr. Msoni was elected at an extra ordinary conference held at Blue Water Motel in Lusaka on Saturday, February 15, 2014. APC was founded in 2005 by late Ken Ngondo. After his death Vice president […]

The implementation of democratic principles were lost at the re-introduction of plural politics – Akashambatwa

  Veteran and now retired politician Akashambatwa Mbikusita-Lewanika says that the cementing of democratic principles were lost at the re-introduction of plural politics in 1990, reports Thom Shonga for Zambian Eye. He said this in an interactive programme called Hot Seat with the Zambia Eye and its 21,000 members on the Facebook page on Saturday […]

Point Blank: Four reasons why Politicians lie

By Patrick Sikana Let me begin by making two related sweeping statements – knowing very well I’m about to annoy many powerful people: Firstly, I want to say that the first duty of a politician (in an electoral democracy) is to get elected to office. Unless they get elected they cannot do all the good […]

Fr. Bwalya lacks principles – ABZ Ex-General Secretary Chanda

Eric Chanda has resigned from opposition Alliance for Better Zambia where he served as the party’s Secretary General or Chief Executive Officer. Chanda accused his president Frank Bwalya of lacking principles by going to bed in the recently announced opposition Alliance with the MMD. He said he finds it awkward that Fr. Bwalya would want […]

Egypt detaining Journalists is a clear violation – US

US senator John McCain says the detainment of the Al Jazeera journalists by the Egyptian authorities is a “clear violation” of human rights and freedom of press. Speaking in Davos, McCain labelled the detentions a “clear violation, not only of their human rights, but any aspect of freedom of the press. Al Jazeera has been […]

Point Blank: Tribalism, a simmering Volcano in Zambia

By Patrick Sikana Last week I was in Ndola, putting to rest one of my relations. One evening as the women inside the house sang one tuneless funeral dirge, the male conversation under the tent outside drifted from several weather forecasts for the following morning to the end of the world and everything in between. […]

Editorial: A viable Opposition Party Alliance in Zambia

Dr. Nevers Mumba, President of MMD, set the stage earlier this week by declaring publicly that in the spirit of unity by the opposition, his party would be willing to give-up the presidency. That flirt did not go unheeded Two days later Mike Mulongoti the leader of an opposition People’s Party (PP), Alliance for Better […]

Anyone in UPND against merger will be isolated says RB’s son Andrew

By Ruth Karashani Former President Rupiah Banda’s son, Andrew, says anyone in the UPND refusing to forge a union with other opposition political parties will be isolated. And the Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) says if the UPND does not want to work in unity, it will go it alone. Mr Banda told the […]

PF has entered the panic mode – Fr. Bwalya

It is now confirmed that the Patriotic Front has entered the panic mode, opposition Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) president Fr. Frank Bwalya has charged. In a statement to Zambian Eye on Monday, January 13, 2014, Fr. Bwalya said the currents events where opposition leaders are being arrested shows that the PF is now panicking. […]