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Lessons from Kaundanomics

A story is told that a few years after independence in 1964, Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia’s first president, visited one of the mines in the mineral rich Copperbelt Province and was immediately struck by the complete

Now or never for the international community in Zambia

The arrest and incarceration of a Zambian opposition leader could be a feint to test the response of the international community. If it’s limp, expect a wider and possibly even more violent crackdown. Read …

Xenophobia in Zambia: Why it won’t happen in East Africa

Most East Africans hadn’t realised that there are many Rwandans in Zambia, until last week, when mobs went on a looting rampage targeting Rwandan shopkeepers in the west of the capital, Lusaka. They were

Unsung Heroes of Rural Resilience

PEMBA, Southern Zambia – In scorching heat, Ellen Kacha, inspects her almost failed maize crop, which now looks promising after a rare occurrence this season — normal rainfall for at least two weeks.

Droughts have …

Decline and Regeneration: Zambia’s ghosts of development past

The manufacturer’s plate on the giant turbine casing hints at the vintage of the hydro-electric station: “English Electric Company Ltd, Queen’s House, Kingsway, London”. The once-great British manufacturer of railway locomotives, guided missiles, computers and …

Going east: African migrants head for China

After a decade-long push into Africa in search of resources, the Chinese government is still struggling with an image problem – and so are its migrants. The stories are familiar: in Sierra Leone, African labourers …

Agritech Expo participants upbeat about Zambia’s farming future

“I see this region playing a big part in feeding the world in the future”

Partners and participants in the upcoming Agritech Expo, taking place from 4-5 April at GART in Chisamba, are upbeat about …

This week: Making your New Year resolutions works



By Kelvin Esiasa

It is interesting to listen to New Year declaration and resolutions. New Year’s declarations are made in order to reaffirm our commitment to positive living in the coming year. The …

The Virtual Doctor Will See You No

Chilanga – There are thousands of miles between Chanyanya Rural Health Clinic, a basic medical centre in Zambia’s rural Kafue District with no resident doctors despite being the main centre for nearly 12,000 people, and …