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PF Scoops Mufumbwe, MMD Concedes Defeat

The ruling Patiotic Front has scooped the Mufumbwe parliamentary seat with Steven Masumba being re-elected. Masumba beaat opposition MMD candidate Stafford Mulusa and UNIP’s Kalengo.

Meanwhile, the Movement for multi-party Democracy[MMD] chairman for elections Gabriel …

GOVERNMENT is almost completing the building of doctors and nurses

doctorsGovernment is nearly complete construction of doctors and nurses flats in Mansa General Hospital, at a cost of K3.4 billion.

Mansa district commissioner Nsakasha Chibwe in an interview yesterday said 85 percent of the works …

HIV infections record has dropped in Kitwe

HIVKitwe has been a reduction in the prevalence of HIV and AIDS from 26.6 percent to 23.2 percent in the last five years, the district commissioner MTIN McDonald said.

Speaking during the commemoration of the …