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Reel to real: Zambian TV show inspires sex education scheme for deaf people

Youth clubs based on Love Games series bring sex education to people with hearing disabilities to stem high levels of HIV

Amos Simbeye grew up in a world of silence. Until he began attending a …

Two HIV-positive men take on Zambia government over prison conditions

George Mwanza and Melvin Beene accuse officials of violating human rights, claiming they were deprived of food and drugs

Two HIV-positive men are taking on the Zambian government in a legal test case that could …

Bumpy ride towards reducing HIV in Zambia through male circumcision | Sarika Bansal

Male circumcision is seen as a cheap way to fight Aids in Zambia, but some fear the push could discourage condom use

In Zambia’s Central province, men have started cycling long distances to undergo a …

Aids breakthrough as study says treatment should cost less

Clinton Foundation delivers report showing cost of treating people with HIV is four times less than previously thought

Lack of money can no longer be considered a reason – or an excuse – for failing …

Mother-to-child transmission of HIV falls across Africa

The latest UNAIDS report shows falls in the rate of transmission of HIV from mother to child across the worst affected countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Explore the improvements by country using our interactive visualisation