Chibuluma residents still queuing to benefit from RB projects

While Rupiah Banda introduced the mobile Hospitals which have improved many people lives especially in rural area by Providing very free medical services,Mr Sata,the current Zambian President,has removed the fuel and maize subsidies,and this policy by PF has worsened the economic hardships for the poor Majority in Zambia.
Here the pictures show CHIBULUMA RESIDENTS in Kalulushi queuing up for FREE medical services in line the former presidents(Rupiah Banda) dream of uplifting the lives of many poor Zambians.
When this project was started in 2010,the Mr.Sata was really against it,meaning he wasnt interested in seeing poor people access free and improved medical services.His negative atttitude towards the poor is clear now after removing the Maize and fuel subsidies so that the poor become poorer.The poverty levels among Zambians will make Mr.