Zambia: Forbes Discusses Zambia Elections With RB Ahead of Thursday Polls

The respected Forbes Magazine sat down to discuss Zambia’s presidential and general election with the country’s fourth Republican president.

Forbes contributor Mfonobong Nsehe writes that Zambia’s fourth republican President Rupiah Banda is widely viewed as distinguished elder statesman and a living historical figure who guided Zambia through a difficult period.

Banda, who left the Presidency in 2011, has since settled comfortably into his role as an African statesman. He frequently heads election observer missions across the continent riding on his impeccable democratic credentials that saw him graciously concede defeat in the September 2011 general elections when his Movement for Multiparty Democracy party (MMD) lost power.

Whatever anyone says about ‘RB’, as he is fondly known, many Zambians agree that the country prospered during his leadership, with GDP expanding between 9-10% a year. More recently, the slowdown in global metals prices has deeply hurt the Zambian economy, and as the August 11 election approaches, there are heated exchanges among the campaigns over who can best lead the country to economic recovery.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with President Banda. We discussed legacy, the removal and restoration of his immunity, and his views on the upcoming general election which holds on the 11th of August.

Source: Zambia Reports.