We’ll promote stealing if Rupiah’s immunity is not lifted – Nalubamba

SENIOR Chief Bright Nalubamba of the Ila people of Namwala says Zambians will be promoting stealing if they do not lift Rupiah Banda’s immunity.

But the three Church mother bodies seem to be divided over the matter with some calling the debate on Banda’s immunity a waste of time and others calling for caution.

In an interview, chief Nalubamba said that stealing of resources by leaders would become habitual if former president Banda was not prosecuted for suspected corruption-related allegations.

“To avoid a lot of suspicion, let us lift his immunity so that his name can be cleared. If he is found wanting, the law should take its course. If we just leave it like that, then other presidents who are coming, they will be doing bad things against the people. They will be corrupt; everybody now will be abusing public resources because he is the head of state,” Nalubamba said.

“It won’t be fair to our country.