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Education and Training in Zambia

By Henry Kyambalesa


In 1917, a philosopher by the name Alfred North Whitehead warned about the ill-fated destiny of a society which does not make meaningful investments in its people’s education that is perhaps

Editorial: Katuba by-election, better monitoring needed

The people of Katuba constituency have seven candidates whose credentials they must cautiously interrogate within the remaining three weeks before voting day.

In the same period, each one of the seven will, no doubt, speak …

Point Blank: Four reasons why Politicians lie

Patrick Sikana

Patrick Sikana

By Patrick Sikana

Let me begin by making two related sweeping statements – knowing very well I’m about to annoy many powerful people: Firstly, I want to say that the first duty of …

This week: A second thought on Credit Reference services in Zambia



By Kelvin Esaisa

The move by Bank of Zambia to review the credit reference services in Zambia is welcome. This initiative is overdue. This is because there are a number of weaknesses in …

Simcard Registeration: The last Post


Brig. Gen. Miyanda

By Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda

Fellow internet partners and the Social Media family, I wish to inform you that the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) have reminded me that by …

Governing through Facebook the PF Way

File: Michael Sata while in opposition

File: Michael Sata while in opposition

By Hjoe Moono

The past week has seen new entrants to Facebook.

First His Excellency the President, MCS took to Facebook and launched his much talked about and Liked …

Point Blank: Tribalism, a simmering Volcano in Zambia

Patrick Sikana 1By Patrick Sikana

Last week I was in Ndola, putting to rest one of my relations. One evening as the women inside the house sang one tuneless funeral dirge, the male conversation under the tent …

Editorial: A viable Opposition Party Alliance in Zambia

File: HH with Nevers leaving Police Station

File: HH with Nevers leaving Police Station

Dr. Nevers Mumba, President of MMD, set the stage earlier this week by declaring publicly that in the spirit of unity by the opposition, his party would be …