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UPND is worse than PF – Lucky Mulusa

United Party for National Development (UPND) is worse than Patriotic Front (PF), Former Member of Parliament for Solwezi Central Lucky Mulusa has charged. Responding to a question from a Moderator on the first series of Hot Seat programme hosted on Zambian Eye Facebook Group, Friday afternoon, Mulusa said he would consider to serve in President […]

PF is in government to loot the treasury says HH

The Patriotic Front (PF) is in government to loot the treasury, Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has charged. Commenting on the ongoing corruption cases in the PF government where some tenders have since been cancelled, Hichilema said he has been vindicated that the PF has no agenda for Zambia. “We have always said that the PF […]

We shall support you but stop poaching our MPs, MMD tells UPND

The opposition MMD has warned fellow opposition party, the UPND against poaching its Members of Parliament. Reacting to statements from its Die Hard Youth Coordinator, Bowman Lusambo that the former ruling party will go with the ruling PF in the Solwezi East by elections, the Communications Director in the Office of the MMD President, Muhabi Lungu said it […]

Talking Politics: Things fall apart, the Donchi kubeba way

By Lwanzi Milimo How foolish really it is now to realise that we entrusted our country into wrong hands, the most incompetent individuals. These crop of leaders are not just incompetent but also arrogant and lack wisdom. Its highly unacceptable to be taken aback to ancient days of try and error, its more like we […]

We shall continue recruiting opposition MPs – PF

The ruling Patriotic Front – PF has vowed to continue recruiting Members of Parliament to increase their numbers in the House. Lusaka Province Youth Chairman Kennedy Kamba said Zambia was a democratic country where political parties were free to participate in the multiparty system which entails growing numbers. He said the recruitment exercise for the […]

People have resolved to deliver Feira to UPND says Eularia Mwale

The people of Feira in Eastern province have promised to deliver the seat to opposition UPND in the forthcoming by-election, Eularia Zulu Mwale who has been adopted by UPND has said. Mrs. Mwale who was the last Permanent Secretary for Eastern province under the MMD said the local people requested her to contest the seat […]

NAREP won’t be part of those condemning PF says Chipimo Jr.

The National Restoration Party has distanced itself from opposition political parties bent on condemning everything that the PF government does. Speaking to QFM News, party leader Elias Chipimo Junior says NAREP’s policy is to focus on issue based politics. Mr.Chipimo adds that his party also focuses on discussing developmental ideas and not discussing people and […]

Useful Allies and Useful Idiots:The unchanging face of Zambian Politics

By Naver Chayelela It has often been said that in Zambian politics, there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies. Friends and enemies simply change their designation with the changing political fortunes of individual politicians. Thus, friends can simply become adversaries overnight, while enemies become useful allies in a similar fashion. Such “miraculous” transformations are […]

Writing is on the wall, HH is the next president – UPND Copperbelt

The writing is on the wall that opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is the next president, Copperbelt Province Chairman Elisha Mutambo has said. Mutambo explains that those saying Hakainde commonly known as HH will never rule Zambia will be shocked as it is now clear that he is the in-coming Head of State. He said […]