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Why Zamrock is back in play

The long-overdue re-release of many of its classic tunes signals a revival for the golden era of Zambian rock music

Over the past few years, Zambia’s music scene has grown in prominence, especially thanks to …

Zambian gay couple rearrested after tipoff by relatives

Two men from Kapiri Mposhi have been living together and now face charges of ‘having sex against the order of nature’

A gay couple in Zambia has been arrested after police were tipped off about …

Zambia and South Africa in spat over off-colour colonialism remarks

Pretoria angry over comments by Zambian vice-president that Jacob Zuma and others mimic former white rulers

South Africa has summoned Zambia’s high commissioner to explain a tirade by the country’s vice-president in which he castigated …

Zambian vice-president: ‘South Africans are backward’

Guy Scott wastes little time on diplomatic language as he lets loose on Africa’s biggest economy, race, Mugabe and gay rights

One of the most colourful men in African politics happens to be white. Guy

Zambian gay rights activist arrested

Paul Kasonkomona detained overnight after appearing on live TV and demanding decriminalisation of homosexuality

A human rights activist has been arrested in Zambia minutes after he appeared on live television calling for homosexuality to be …

Western tax avoidance hinders African development | Chris Jordan

Associated British Foods has spirited millions away from its sugar operations in Zambia, where two-thirds live in poverty

The litany of major multinational companies accused of tax avoidance has grown, with Associated British Foods – …

When China Met Africa – watch the film on demand

Watch When China Met Africa, a revealing insight into China’s commercial involvement in the African continent

ActionAid explain how they exposed tax avoidance by a British company in Zambia – video

ActionAid tax campaigner Chris Jordan describes how his team, over the last 12 months, uncovered a complex corporate structure that allowed Zambia Sugar, a subsidiary of Associated British Foods, to avoid paying tax in the …

Sugar manufacturer Associated British Foods avoids paying corporate tax in Zambia – video

ActionAid has conducted research into corporate tax avoidance in Zambia. Their findings show how a major sugar producing company in East Africa called Zambia Sugar is avoiding paying millions of pounds in corporate tax. They …