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Zambia’s agricultural subsidies: money well spent?

Zambia spends 90% of its agricultural budget on subsidies, but a shift in focus may better help small farmers boost output

Zambia’s decision to spend 90% of its agricultural budget on subsidies has left little …

Reel to real: Zambian TV show inspires sex education scheme for deaf people

Youth clubs based on Love Games series bring sex education to people with hearing disabilities to stem high levels of HIV

Amos Simbeye grew up in a world of silence. Until he began attending a …

Zambian politician says media clamp is ‘shredding democracy’

I posted last week about the press freedom crisis in Zambia, Africa’s largest copper producer formerly regarded as one of the continent’s most democratic states.

According to Chanda Chimba, writing on Africa.com, the harassment …

Zambian press freedom crisis – journalists arrested and websites blocked

The Zambian government has stepped up its harassment of independent media outlets by arresting journalists and jamming two news websites.

In a country where the state already exercises control over most media, the authorities have …

When China Met Africa – watch the film here

Our new film on demand is the revealing documentary about China’s commercial involvement in Africa

Reading this on mobile? See the film here

Tying in with the Guardian’s revealing China in Africa series, here’s an …

Zambian gay couple rearrested after tipoff by relatives

Two men from Kapiri Mposhi have been living together and now face charges of ‘having sex against the order of nature’

A gay couple in Zambia has been arrested after police were tipped off about …

World Bank business rankings obscure poverty and corruption, critics argue

Some of the best places in the world to start and run a business have proved hugely controversial, like former Soviet satellite state Georgia and central African nation Zambia

The World Bank has produced its

Bumpy ride towards reducing HIV in Zambia through male circumcision | Sarika Bansal

Male circumcision is seen as a cheap way to fight Aids in Zambia, but some fear the push could discourage condom use

In Zambia’s Central province, men have started cycling long distances to undergo a …

Mother-to-child transmission of HIV falls across Africa

The latest UNAIDS report shows falls in the rate of transmission of HIV from mother to child across the worst affected countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Explore the improvements by country using our interactive visualisation