Major Richard Kachingwe booed at Court for ‘betraying’ RB

Former MMD National Secretry Major Kachingwe was yesterday booed by former Republican President Rupiah Banda’s sympathisers who called him a traitor for allegedly deciding to testify against Banda in a matter in which he is charged with one count of concealing gratification involving nine trucks all valued at K471, 000 contrary to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Act No.38 of 2010.
The supporters who waited for Maj Kachingwe outside the court premises told him that it was a pity that he was “eating with both hands and that his time would come when others would also betray him like he had also betrayed Mr Banda.”
They started shouting thief, thief.thief behind the court premises bringing panic to police officers and other people waiting to see off their relatives in the prison vehicle commonly as ‘Kasalanga’ and was only saved when he was whisked away by a vehicle from the State.