Kabimba explains why MMD is crumbling

WYNTER Kabimba says MMD is crumbling because its members were in it for money.

And Kabimba says there are civil servants that are exhibiting extreme arrogance towards the PF government.

During the PF Lusaka Province fundraising dinner on Saturday, Kabimba, who is party secretary general, said no one should sympathise with the downfall of the former ruling party because it was paying for its deeds while in power.

“MMD is crumbling because its members didn’t believe in the party. In the unlikely event that they come back, they can’t win an election. I don’t see any party beating PF, so when they are crumbling don’t mourn with them, don’t sympathise with it, it’s not your party. Don’t mourn with parties that are disintegrating. If UPND is disintegrating, don’t pray for them, it’s not your duty, don’t sympathise with them, it’s not your role.