AFE Introduces Solar Pumps

AFE Limited has introduced solar-powered pumps for irrigation and other activities on the Zambian market to cut down on productions costs for farmers.

Company operations manager Emmanuel Munenga said in an interview at the just-ended Agriculture and Commercial Show in Lusaka that AFE realised that most farmers, mostly in rural areas, had no electricity but desired to go into livestock farming.

“We decided to introduce a new product which uses light directly from the sun because we realise that most of them have no electricity but wanted to keep animals,” Mr Munenga said.

Mr Manenga said the pump which could be used for both domestic purpose and irrigation was expected to cut down on electricity and water related bills.

He said the company had in the last one year sold 40 such pumps in Zambia.

“We think that a solar-powered pump is ideal for farmers because the hand pumps easily break down,” he said.

Mr Manenga said the company which has branches in Lusaka, Choma, Kabwe and Chipata was planning to expand into Northern Province.

He said the company had been selling the pumps to World Vision, Zambia World Life Authority and other Government institutions.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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