Zuma, Guebuza, Banda shun Zambia again, as Mpezeni graces Ncwala alone

The presidents of Malawi, South Africa and Mozambique have shunned Zambia despite official invitation to attend the Ncwala ceremony in Eastern province.

And President Michael Sata has also ditched his cadre paramount chief Mpezeni at the last minute by heading in the opposite direction instead of Mutenguleni where he was advertised as guest of honour.

The Ncwala ceremony, one of the most popular and biggest traditional ceremonies takes place today but this year’s event has been shunned by most people mainly due to the behaviour of Chief Mpezeni.

When Mpezeni was assured that Presidents Jacob Zuma, Joyce Banda of Malawi and Armando Emílio Guebuza, the Mozambican leader would join Michael Sata at his palace, he said he will not invite any opposition politicians from Zambia.

See the pronouncements here:

But the Watchdog has been informed that all the three presidents have turned down the invitations sent by Zambia early this month.