Zimbabwe Truck Driver shot dead at Zambia, Congo, border

File: Killings in Congo

File: The image typify Congolese lawlessness.

By Martin Mubita

A Zimbabwe truck driver has been shot dead at Kasumbalesa border post, this time on the Zambian side.

The killing comes barely two days after the SADC truck drivers had called off their boycott of going into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) after another Zambia Patrick Mwila 30, was brutally murdered by a Congolese police officer.

Chililabombwe District Commissioner Stuart Chitumbo confirmed the killing incidence this morning.

The reason for the killing remains unknown and the killers are equally not known.

The DC identified the shot driver as Joseph Mwajewe Howard 52, of Zimbabwe.

Mr Chitumbo said Mr Howard was shot while in his Mercedes Benz truck at the border between Minestone Township and Petruder filing station at Kasumbalesa.

He said the situation is tense but some drivers were crossing into DRC.