Zim Woman stripes in front of US Envoy

Mr Wharton had to make a hasty retreat after Ms Sheila Mutsenhu confronted him in her undergarments

Mr Wharton had to make a hasty retreat after Ms Sheila Mutsenhu confronted him in her undergarments

United States ambassador to Zimbabwe Bruce Wharton came face to face with controversial Zanu PF youth Sheila Mutsenhu who decided to strip naked in protest at sanctions targeted at members of the Mugabe regime.

Mutsenhu confronted Ambassador Wharton during his brief tour of the American Corner at the Turner Memorial Library near the Civic Centre in Mutare. She took off her clothes leaving only her black undergarments.

“Our beautiful country is reeling under the effects of illegal sanctions imposed by the West, yet we have an Ambassador coming here to tour what they say are developmental projects,” she said parroting the Zanu PF line.

“How can they say they are developmental projects which employ a few people, yet the majority of Zimbabweans are wallowing in abject poverty due to the effects of sanctions?

“Poverty is well documented in most communities because of the sanctions, our hospitals have no medication and unemployment is rife everywhere, yet we have an ambassador who is doing nothing to have the sanctions lifted,” she said.

Last year in September the Zanu PF Manicaland Province was forced to disown Mutsenhu after she led violent clashes over the ownership of the new Sakubva flea market. She bussed in youths to take over the new flea market, but some other youths from Zanu PF resisted the move.

A party official at the Zanu PF provincial headquarters office said “she is a political chancer. She uses names of Zanu PF senior officials to arm twist her selfish gains. She is active wherever she feels that there are financial gains”.

“Where was she during the 2005 and 2008 elections? As a party we do not know her and if the senior party officials do not act on her, the party is going to regret it very soon because she is tarnishing the image of the party,” the Zanu PF official said.

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