ZICTA’ suing of Mobile companies targeted at MTN for refusing to block ZWD

Charity Lumpa: the PF solola in charge of Airtel now
The move by the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) to institute criminal proceedings  against the three Mobile Service Providers is aimed at intimidating MTN for refusing to block Zambian Watchdog, this website.
A board member and another official of ZICTA have both confirmed that ZICTA is under immense pressure from State House to block Zambia Watchdog.
And in line with the ongoing project of blocking critical websites, ZICTA is looking for a lead person. ZICTA has created and advertised a position of cyber security officer who shall ‘be the lead person in ZICTA on all matters of cyber security especially regarding special projects and working with other government agencies.’
The PF regime is extremely mad with MTN Zambia for refusing to place the blocking technology, which has been placed on Airtel and Zamtel.