ZIALE’s behaviour is unscrupulous – Kaingu

MMD Mwandi member of parliament Michael Kaingu says the behaviour of the Zambia Institute for Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE) is unscrupulous.

Making a contribution when Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) appeared before the parliamentary committee on legal affairs yesterday, Kaingu said the low pass rate that ZIALE continued to record defied all logic.

“But what is also clear is that the way your college behaves is unscrupulous. If a person passes eight subjects but he fails two; he attempts those two and he passes one, then you ask that person to choose from what he has passed and re-sit that also; and he must pay K500,000 (KR500), that is unscrupulous,” he said.

“LAZ president, if we were to take you to ZIALE today it is very clear that if you sit for that examination you will fail. So, you can’t ask somebody to sit for what he has already passed; it’s unscrupulous.