ZESCO announces more load shedding

ZESCO Limited has announced that the country will experience more load shielding following as the Generator number 5 at Kafue Gorge Power Station will be taken out for annual maintenance from October 26, 2013 to 5th November 5, 2013.

The Country’s only Power Utility says during this period 165 Mega Watts will not be available on the national grid which will result in a temporal increase in load shedding around the country especially during peak demand periods.

“ZESCO is making every effort to secure imports of power from the region to mitigate the impact of the power deficit during the maintenance period,” announced Principal Public Relations Officer Yammie Zimba. “However, due to generation and transmission inadequacy in the entire region, securing sufficient imports to cover the national shortfall proves to be a challenge.”

Ms Zimba says in order to balance the available generation with demand during the outage period, ZESCO is appealing to all its valued customers to help reduce the impact of load shedding by turning off all non-essential appliances in their homes during the evening peak demand period between 18:00hrs and 21:00hrs.