ZAWA to advertise position of director general

TOURISM deputy minister David Phiri says the ZAWA board will soon advertise the institution’s top position which will be held in the interim by Xen Vlahakis.

And newly appointed ZAWA board chairperson Guy Robinson says the new team is determined to make the sector more transparent and accountable.

Vlahakis, now a tourism consultant, was once permanent secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and the Vice-President’s office.

Tourism minister Sylvia Masebo recently fired ZAWA director general Edwin Matokwani and four other top officials on allegations of corruption involving the awarding of licences in hunting blocks.

She also ordered the cancellation of the tender for hunting licences and non publication of purported successful bidders, revealing that ZAWA had awarded hunting concessions to a family cartel, among others.

“The board has been told to advertise for this job” It is the mandate of the board to put in place management.

That will be subjected to a competitive process.