Zamtel Waters NWest

ZAMBIA Telecommunication Company (ZAMTEL) has handed over eight boreholes in North-Western Province as part of their Water for Life corporate social responsibility programme.

The Water for Life project phase two which was launched last month will see Zamtel sinking 52 boreholes across the country.

Handing over the boreholes in Manyinga District in North-Western Province, Zamtel chief marketing officer Evans Muhanga said his organisation was determined to supplement Government efforts to provide clean and safe drinking water.

“You will appreciate that we tried as much as possible to place these water points in strategic and central public places such as schools, markets and clinics for easy access for members of the public,” Mr Muhanga said.

And Kabompo East Member of Parliament (MP) Danny Chingimbu thanked Zamtel for the three boreholes in his constituency.

“People of Kawanda, Lisima and Sikufele are very happy with this gesture and that has already improved their lives,” he said.

Mr Chingimbu said Zamtel has done a good job in the area including erecting a network tower which has improved communication in the area.

District administrative officer Musangu Chinyama urged the people to guard the boreholes jealously because they were elected at a great cost.

Karen Saikwani of Lisili Village praised Zamtel for the boreholes and said the 45 kilometres distance to the stream will no longer be covered as water is now near.

The eight boreholes are three in Manyinga District, one in Chavuma, two in Mufumbwe and two in Kabompo.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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