Zamtel MD Mwanakatwe to award himself Billions Kwacha contract

ZAMTEL Managing Director Mupanga Mwanakatwe has formed a company together with Chief Technical Officer Sydney Mupeta and the two are now pressuring procurement department to award it contract to provide power services to the government owned Telecommunications Company.

The services to be provided by the named company will include supplying diesel to over 300 base stations across the country. The deal will earn Mupanga and Mupeta at least a billion Kwacha per month.

Mupanga has since instructed Zamtel’s Chief Financial Officer, who is also believed to be an interested party to ensure that the company gets single sourcing clearance from ZPPA.

Recently Mupeta in collision with Senior Manager-Fixed Access Jason Mwanza terminated the contracts for Power Unit Manager Chomba and his engineers and technicians claiming Zamtel no longer required services of the unit.