Zambia’s trade links with China continues growing

Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workplaces, has good news for export-focused on Zambian companies.

Research by the leading provider, which Lusaka Rhodes Park centre which celebrated its first anniversary in March this year, gives the thumbs-up to outwardly focused business strategies and suggests that Zambian companies with links to China and other BRIC nations are particularly well positioned.

Preliminary data shows that during the second quarter of 2012, Zambia’s trade (exports plus imports) grew by 4.9 percent to US $4,071.9 million from US $3,880.2 million recorded during the corresponding period in 2011.

Strong trade links between Zambia and The Republic of South Africa promotes a lasting foreign relationship, boosting export revenues and benefiting the country’s service sector.

The Republic of South Africa maintained the first position as Zambia’s top major trading partner during the period under review as trade with that country grew by 15.4 percent to US $956.1 million from US $828.4 million, explained by continued rise in imports of manufactured goods from that country.

Regus’ second Global Survey report on export business, which canvassed opinion from more than 20 000 senior business managers in over 90 countries, shows that firms that trade internationally report better revenues and profits than businesses that stick to their domestic markets.

Regus researchers reported:

§  50% of global firms that export say they’ve increased profits over the last 12 months compared with 38% of companies that only trade domestically

§  59% of companies that export said their revenues had grown compared with 37% of firms focused domestically

§  China is the most popular market with 48% of businesses exporting there, ahead of Europe (41%), North America (36%), India (31%) and South America (31%)

§  The most profitable areas for export are emerging markets and Europe