Zambia’s Kaunda humbled by African Union Award

Dr. Kaunda

Dr. Kaunda

Zambia’s First President Kenneth Kaunda has commended the African Union (AU) for recognizing the role the county played in liberating Southern Africa.

Dr. Kaunda said people should have fear of God and his ten commandments nothing that they should love God with all their hearts and do unto others as they would want them to do unto them. He said based on these principles, Zambia stood and still stands united for any years.

He said based on the same principles, Zambians felt compelled to help countries in the region fight for liberation.

Dr. Kaunda was speaking to journalists at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Wednesday night.

The former president who is accompanied by justice minister, Wynter Kabimba said the honor that will be conferred on him will be for Zambians collectively for supporting the liberation struggle of Southern Africa.

Dr. Kaunda will this weekend be honored by the African Union for his selfless contribution to the emancipation of Southern Africa.