Zambia’s Golden Jubilee Key – Chissano

FORMER Mozambican president Joaquim Chissano has said Zambia’s Golden Jubilee celebration is not only important for the country but Africa as a whole because of her contribution during the liberation struggle of other countries.

Dr Chissano said the 50 years reminded him of the hardships and good times that Zambia and Mozambique shared and that he was happy to be part of the programme to celebrate 50 years of Zambia’s Independence.

He said it was important for Zambians to reflect on the 50 years, and encouraged the young generation to follow what was being done to enable them reinforce the country’s achievements and correct any mistakes.

“Zambia’s 50 years celebration is of great importance and the history of Zambia is a celebration for all in the region,” Dr Chissano said.

“It is good for the young generation to follow what we were doing in order to reinforce new achievements.”

At a Press briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Dr Chissano said the country’s political landscape had potential to influence stability in the region because of its central location.

The former Mozambican head of State said that if the influence was negative, it had potential to spill over to other countries.

Dr Chissano called for increased education on elections in order for politicians and the people to understand the electoral process and avoid electoral violence.

“Zambia is a central country, so whatever happens in this country has a lot of influence for stability not only to neighbouring countries but the entire region,” Dr Chissano said.

He said understanding of electoral violations and rules were a necessity and aised politicians to have confidence in institutions that managed elections.

Dr Chissano, who toured the Lusaka Museum and later met Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba at his office, said Africa had recorded an impressive growth in all countries since the 1990s, which translated into improved living standards for the people.

Mr Kalaba said it was the Government’s intention to continue building relations with Mozambique and other countries and that the sacrifices that the two nations went through to gain independence were too numerous to summarise.

He said the Zambian Government wanted to accelerate levels of trade between the two countries which he had discussed with his Mozambican counterpart.

“We are committed to continue building our ties with Mozambique and accelerate the levels of trade,” Mr Kalaba said.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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