Zambians urged to switch to alternative sources of energy

Kapiri Mposhi District Commissioner, Beatrice Sikazwe has expressed worry at the reluctance of the people in the country to switch to alternative sources of energy despite government’s decision to reduce taxes on the equipment.

Ms Sikazwe said government has reduced taxes on energy conservation equipment such as solar panels, generators, gas stoves and others in order to encourage people to consider the use of alternative energy sources.

She has since encouraged households and business outlets to embrace and take advantage of alternative energy sources for their daily use.

Ms. Sikazwe said alternative energy sources such as solar, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and bio fuels among others offer great mitigation measures against power shortages and contribute to the improvement of the national energy mix.

She said this in a speech read on her behalf by Kapiri Mposhi District Administrative Officer, Jackson Mutale at the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) Energy Focused Meeting.

Ms. Sikazwe noted that Zambia had many alternative energy sources that can be harnessed and used for domestic cooking and heating to allay pressure on the current national electricity generation capacity.

“In view of the impact of energy both on businesses and households it is necessary that we keep up with developments in this sector,” she said

Ms. Sikazwe said that inadequate sources of energy in Zambia have resulted in load shedding hence the need to explore and take advantage of other energy sources,” Ms. Sikazwe said.

She said doing this will lessen the pressure on the existing electricity generation capacity which has been outstripped by demand.

Meanwhile, Ms. Sikazwe said government has introduced the uniform pricing mechanism of petroleum products in order to encourage investment reduction in the cost of doing business in rural areas.

And ERB Northern Region Manager, Davies Mupenda has urged the public to ensure that they conserve and use energy efficiently in order to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the current energy supply in the country.

Mr. Mupenda said consumers should also ensure that they use electricity according to the contracted terms and purpose. He said ERB will not protect any consumer that will be cited for abrogating consumer charters with various energy service providers.

Mr. Mupenda also advised stakeholders in the energy sector in Kapiri Mposhi to form a local energy consumer watch group to carry out sensitization activities.

The watch group will also be tasked with responsibility to receive complaints on energy service provision for onward transmission to ERB.

The Energy Focused Meeting which was attended by civic leaders and other energy stakeholders in Kapiri Mposhi.

The meeting looked at the energy status, energy alternatives and complaints handling on various energy issues.

The Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) and local fuel dealers attended the meeting. / ZANIS