Zambians Remember Levy Mwanawasa

Zambians remembered the late President Levy Mwanawasa at a low key event at the Twin Palm Baptist church with his widow Maureen calling on serving politicians to carry on the legacy of a vicious anti corruption drive waged by the deceased.

Mwanawasa died six years ago on August, 19 while on duty where he suffered a stroke in Egypt at the Sham El Sheikh Hotel before being airlifted to France where he died.

He served as Vice President in the first MMD government in 1991 before resigning a few years later after suffering a fatal road accident.

He receded to private law practice but was infamously roused from slumber in 2001 to be floated as MMD candidate after Frederick Chiluba’s flopped third term bid.

Mwanawasa slipped out of Chiluba’s puppet strings after winning the 2001 presidential elections and waged a vicious anti corruption crusade that had his predecessor as the chief villain.

He won a second term in 2006 before his death in 2008 prompting a Presidential by-election.

Maureen said that leaders should take a leaf from his husband and also build on the foundations of his firm legacy that had anti corruption at the heart of it.

Mwanawasa and then leading opposition leader President Michael Sata enjoyed a love-hate relationship following the PF leader having feasted on Mwanawasa’s health problems but he (Sata) found himself being airlifted to South Africa after suffering a heart attack in 2008 with the then Head of State pulling all the stops to send for emergency treatment.

He later toned down and the duo were slowly drifting towards tolerance in the latter stages of President Mwanawasa’s Presidency.

Source : Zambia Reports

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