Zambians must vote for a leader, not a politician in 2016 – Chipimo

ZAMBIANS must vote for a leader and not a politician in 2016, says Elias Chipimo Jr.

During a media breakfast held at Lusaka’s Protea Hotel yesterday, Chipimo, who is NAREP president, said Zambia needed a leader that would drive the development agenda.

“The 2016 elections will not be about change. It will be about putting in place, not a politician but a leader. That is what Zambia now needs, a leader. If we cannot generate enough power to sustain seven per cent economic growth year in year out, that growth will be deterred; the jobs that we don’t have will become even harder to find; tuition which is required by so many of young people who come knocking on my door saying ‘help me I just need to advance my skills’, they will not find it,” he said

“We have to do something. Not only will we be able to create jobs, but we will create a future for the generations that right now have no future.