Zambians deserve a better President – ABZ

Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) has observed that Zambians deserves something better than President Michael Sata.
Emmanuel Chilekwa who is Special Assistant to the ABZ President, Frank Bwalya said it is unfortunate that Zambians have been subjected to hearing insults from a person at plot 1.
“All we are hearing from our voted boss at Plot 1 are insults – insulting we the voters, fellow political leaders, his Ministers and all.” he said.
Chilekwas said President Sata has been intoxicated by power. He wondered when the Head of State last prayed earnestly to God for wisdom to lead the nation. Chilekwa said in statement on Sunday July 21,2013 said the President has created a family forest stating that the next government shall ensure accountability.
He said Zambians want development, not personal insults which is currently happening.
“Sata laughed at late Vice President George Kunda, condemned late Levy Mwanawasa including Chiluba. Whatever he says about the two, we know its because he knows his lies have caught up with him.”
“Where is the more money in our pockets? Where is the constitution? Mealie Meal price is now more than twice where Rupiah Banda left it. His Minister has told us that we are going to starve, no bumper harvest, so more agony. PF failed to provide FISP to farmers in time, they are now lying that it was because of army worms” he said.
He said PF is the main army worm, spending our money on useless by-elections, depriving the poor.
Chilekwas pointed out that Sata’s family has all of a sudden become billionaire landlords stinking rich than the many voters.
And the ABZ has also condemened the statement President Sata made about UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and its President Father Bwalya were he said the two opposition leaders were Born Out Of Fornication
The party in a statement has since challenged Sata to reveal how he really feels and thinks about children born outside wedlock such as Wynter Kabimba, Fred Mm’embe, Barack Obama and a number of his own children.