Zambians declare ‘Black Friday attire’ over increased cost of living

Zambians from all walks of life have declared a ‘black Friday’ against increased cost of living under the PF that has been wasting money on induced by-elections, large cabinet, and corruption.
A consortium of Non-Governmental organisations have including FODEP, SACCORD, Church Mother bodies, and others have called on people regardless of their political affiliation to wear black attire as a show of mourning for deteriorating standards of life us majority of poor Zambians have been consigned to death at the expense of the few people in government.
People have further been urged never to vote for any selfish politician crossing from the ruling party to the opposition causing unnecessary but expensive by-elections that have drained the treasury forcing government to withdraw subsidies from key sectors of the economy like fuel, maize, and fertilizer in-put support support programme for the farmers.