Zambian Watchdog Represent Hichilema’s Mind – FR Bwalya

The ruling Patriotic Front has accused the opposition United Party for National Development of sacrificing Mapenzi Chibulo for political expedience. PF say opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema is using his Zambian Watchdog to disseminate evil information.

Deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya told a media briefing that he doubted the authenticity of the claim that Chibulo was shot by a police officer alleging that she may have been gunned down by the UPND to gain political sympathy.

Bwalya says many Zambians monitor the because it helps them understand the mind of Mr Hichilema and his UPND.

“It is common knowledge that the Zambian Watchdog is a propaganda tool of Mr Hichilema and the UPND and they actively participate in the evil schemes advanced by the UPND,” he stated.

Below is the statement delivered by Bwalya:







Distinguished members of the media, PF party officials, members of the PF Information Committee, ladies and gentlemen.

We have called this press briefing to share with the Zambian public and the world at large certain happenings in our country that we need to continue reflecting on.


As the Zambia Police Service conducts investigations into this incident Zambians have not stopped summoning their collective intelligence to make sense of what transpired on that fateful day that saw the shooting and killing of a member of the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND). Many Zambians have been puzzled by the following facts;

a. The UPND member Mapenzi Chibulo who was shot and killed had her footsteps followed by a camera person who circulated her photos with unusual convenience. We are convinced that the photos were taken by one camera because a technical evaluation of the photos points to this reality;

b. The camera person demonstrated peculiar determination to even go all the way up to the mortuary and take photos of the deceased in the mortuary and circulate them accordingly;

c. Mr Hakainde Hichilema’s enthusiasm to feature on a programme on MUVI TV and rush into accusing President Edgar Chagwa Lungu of being a killer whose hands were soiled with the blood of Mapenzi.

d. The calculated exaggeration of the number of people that were shot dead allegedly by the Zambia Police Service.

Given the foregoing, one doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to make the deduction that the UPND and its top leadership used Mapenzi under the principle of collateral damage to de-campaign President Lungu and the PF-led government. In other words we believe that Mapenzi was sacrificed by UPND in a well calculated scheme aimed at demonising President Lungu while drawing public sympathy at home and abroad. This is why Mr Hichilema didn’t emphasise the need for a thorough investigation to establish the truth but rushed to call President Lungu a killer.

We are convinced that Mapenzi was not killed by the police but UPND hired criminals with the purpose of de-campaigning the PF and President Lungu. As such, we are anxious to find out what the police will come up with.


It is known that the Zambia Police Service did notify the UPND leadership of the cancellation of their rally in Chawama on Friday 8th July 2016. Postings on Mr Hichilema’s Facebook page indicate that he too was aware of the said cancellation. Therefore his plan to sponsor unruly cadres to match to Chawama is what caused the confrontation with the police and the subsequent violence. Hence, the family of late Mapenzi and those of the injured including innocent members of the public that were affected should direct their anger at the UPND leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema and not President Lungu. And on this one we challenge Mr Hichilema to a live TV or radio debate at which we can divulge more information about the evil schemes of UPND.


Many Zambians do monitor the online publication called the Zambian Watchdog because it helps them understand the mind of Mr Hichilema and his UPND. It is common knowledge that the Zambian Watchdog is a propaganda tool of Mr Hichilema and the UPND and they actively participate in the evil schemes advanced by the UPND.

At this juncture, we wish to remind our people that before the so-called ritual murders occurred in Lusaka’s Matero constituency, the Zambian Watchdog published a story in which they alleged that PF was about to start killing people in areas where they had lost popularity. This was against the backdrop that PF had lost popularity in Matero constituency after the former MP for the area Miles Sampa left the ruling party. After this story the so-called ritual murders started in Matero and surrounding areas. The first victims had their mutilated bodies covered with PF regalia in a clear attempt to point an accusing finger at PF.

Zambians will not forget that Mr Hichilema blamed President Lungu for the said ritual murders. When the people in compounds in Lusaka protested against the killings and rioted again Mr Hichilema blamed President Lungu on very silly grounds. When President Lungu deployed the Army to quell the riots and protect lives and property again Mr HIchilema condemned the President. He condemned President Lungu because he wanted the Head of State to do nothing so that the situation could degenerate into widespread riots so that he could use the situation to derive political mileage.

Similarly when Mapenzi was wounded the Zambian Watchdog reported that several opposition members in Lusaka had been shot dead by the Zambia Police at the instigation of President Lungu. So when Mr Hichilema featured on Muvi TV on this incident he made sure he collaborated the reporting of his mouthpiece, the Zambian Watchdog. He lied that 3 people had been shot dead. The scandalous lie was part of a malicious exaggeration aimed at whipping up public outrage and hatred for the PF-led government and President Lungu specifically. The question is; why is Mr Hichilema and the UPND doing this? The answer is; first degree desperation.


Mr Hichilema knows that he is losing the forthcoming election because the political temperature in Zambia is not indicating a possible change of government on 11th August 2016. Therefore he is fearful and very desperate. What he knows is that Zambians change government at the peak of hatred for the governing party.

As such, all these outrageous accusations including alleging that the blood of Mapenzi is on the head of President Lungu are meant to incite hatred against Mr Lungu so that when Zambians go to the polls they can vote for Mr Hichilema. Fortunately Hichilema has exposed himself as a person who prays for negative and evil happenings in Zambia so that he can ride on them to State House. Therefore we are confident that many right thinking voters in Zambia will not vote for this liar called Hakainde Hichilema.


We wish to warn our people that they should be wary of more desperate acts from the UPND sponsored criminal elements. As a matter of fact the recent incident in which a UPND member was arrested for impersonating a police officer should be seen in the same light.

There many other evil schemes by this opposition party that we are closely monitoring. The truth is that Hichilema is a desperate man who has again smelled defeat and is therefore ready to do anything in the hope of becoming President of Zambia. Such a person can never make a good president.


Zambians have not forgotten that the UPND ally namely the now defunct Post Newspapers published voter’s cards allegedly belonging to foreigners who the PF allegedly registered to rig the forthcoming general election. Now the Electoral Commission of Zambia recently hired an expert to audit the Voters Roll. Many Zambians are scandalised at the fact that the UPND and its ally didn’t present the voters cards they published in the defunct Post Newspaper to prove their case.

On our part we are not surprised because we know that UPND and their friends at the Post Newspapers have been using allegations of vote rigging to discredit the electoral process and psych their members to cause Armageddon when they lose. UPND believes that when they cause bloodshed after 11th August 2016 their cantankerous foreign diplomats will help them negotiate a government of national unity that would allow UPND senior members led by Mr Hichilema take up positions in the same

government of national unity.

However, we believe that the decision Zambians will make on 11th August will be categorical. Hence President Lungu will respect the will of the people and not entertain the unnecessary government of national unity.

Against this background, we call upon our Republican President who is also Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to continue being firm and refuse to tolerate lawlessness in our peaceful country. President Lungu is on record that he will respect the will of the people whichever way it goes. But we are confident that Zambians have already decided to retain President Lungu and the PF.


We wish to commend President Lungu for exhibiting rare statesmanship by according former UPND Kalomo Member of Parliament late Request Muntanga a day of national mourning. The gesture was another powerful example of how President Lungu practices his Christian faith.

Finally, we also wish to commend President Lungu for ignoring insults from UPND leaders and their supporters especially those that call on various radio shows mainly in Lusaka. We are sure that President Lungu will continue to embrace all Zambians including those that insult him.

We wish President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the first family God’s guidance and protection.

Long live PF;

Long live our leader Edgar Chagwa Lungu;

Long live Zambia.

God bless us.

We thank you all.

Frank Bwalya



Source: Zambia Reports