Zambian Voice questions the clearance of Wynter Kabimba and GBM

The Zambian Voice has described the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) as an institution that is now being used as a clearing agency for corrupt leaders serving in Government or friends of Government, inststead of instead of providing the much desired service of stopping corruption.
In a reaction to media reports that ACC has cleared Justice minister Wynter Kabimba and his defence counterpart Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, the Zambia Voice said in the press release that they were shocked to read that the two Ministers have been cleared of corruption charges, despite saying in a reponse to their update request on the 28th January that the case was not only active, but also that the commission would give a report on the same as soon as possible.
“How can ACC clear Wynter after failing to question him on 3rd January 2013 when he spat on the faces of ACC that he was larger than the institution, ” the Zambia Voice asked.